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Living History of Britain

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Santrauka: The Country Life Book of the Living History of Britain. Britain posseses the finest and most varied history of all countries on Earth. Its past is enshrined in its landscape, its institutions and the character of its people. Centuries of environmental, climatic, social and political interplay have produced an historical tapestry of great intricacy and colour which, although intriguing and enigmatic, is always living, always waiting to be discovered and understood. The Living History of Britain chronicles the events of the past with particular emphasis on our environmental heritage, forming the most comprehensive and colourful survey ever to be published in a single volume. Its forms a complete history of the British Isles from the beginnings of time to the present day, with special features on the following subjects: The Birth of Britain (Britain before man. The geology of Britain. The natural landscapes of Britain). The First Settlers (The Neolithic Age. The Bronze Age. The Iron Age). Roman Britain (Town and country. Roads and landscape. Domestic life). The Dark Ages (Migration and settlement. Farmsteads, villages and buildings. Churches. Trade and towns. Heroes and kings. The vikings). The Later Middle Ages(The Norman invasion. Castles. Churches and cathedrals. Universities. Monasteries. Towns and buildings. The improvement of the wasteland. The Blac Death and lost villages. Events and personalities). The Tudors and Stuarts (Agriculture. Reclamation in eastern England. The rebuilding of rural England. Country houses and parks. Churches and chapels. Schools and universities. The cloth industry. The evolution of warship. The Great Age of Discovery. Events and personalities).